Below are  few samples of our keepsakes completed and framed:

Bat Mitzvah invitation with roses
Lavender larkspur and salmon daises
Hawaiian theme with orchids
Salmon and gray daisies
Navy daisies and yellow larkspur
Pink and yellow daisies
Pink and white larkspur
Bat Mitzvah invitation with larkspur and hydrangeas
Peach, green and white hydrangeas
Navy and white flowers
Brown hydrangeas and orange daisies
Christening - blue and white flowers

Below are a few samples of our keepsakes prior to being framed:

Rust, brown and burgundy flowers
Pink roses and daffodils
Yellow larkspur and gray daisies
Pink, white and lime green larkspur
Larkspur and red roses
Plum and white hydrangeas
Pink roses in a bottom "U" shape
Purple, lavender, green and white flowers
Birth announcement with daisies
Pink flowers in a cameo design
Blue and white hydrangeas
White larkspur and champagne roses
Red roses with white larkspur